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Reggie has been with us for five years. We didn’t acquire him to ‘do weddings’, but he proved so popular in our home village near Salisbury that it was decided to share him with others who would appreciate his unique qualities. He’s breathtaking to look at, he smells wonderfully of old leather with just a hint of hot oil to add excitement. His woodwork is pure art deco and he’s so original that he still has his 1949 rear seats. Being a Bentley he is naturally reliable and riding in him as he glides along is an ethereal sort of experience.      

For the technically minded, he is a Mark VI Rolls/Bentley with semi-razor edge coachwork by Freestone and Webb. His aluminium body is completely rust-free and his 4ΒΌ litre, straight-six engine with twin SU carburettors was capable of driving him up to 100 MPH in 1949. It probably still is, but these days, we hold him back a little because he is, after all, old enough to be a grandfather.     

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